9th Workshop on Flexible & Printed Electronics Industry (Targeting the Digital Transformation)

9th Workshop on Flexible & Printed Electronics Industry (Targeting the Digital Transformation)

Become a part of this Workshop to network and connect with top Stakeholders – Scientists, Engineers, Industrial Players, End-Users, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Policy Makers, Representatives from the National and EU Authorities – from the entire Value Chain of the multi-billion rapidly evolving Flexible & Printed Electronics Industry, who will present their activities in Green Energy, Lighting, Electronics, Automotive, Smart Buildings, Greenhouses, Intelligent Packaging, Wearables, IoT boosting the Digital Transformation of the Industry.

Workshop Organizers:
Nanotechnology Lab LTFN (www.ltfn.gr)
Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association HOPE-A (www.hope-a.com).

Topics for Discussion & Networking:

  • The Flexible & Printed Electronics Sector and Activities
  • Manufacturing and Processes of Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics
  • Printed Organic Electronics in Factories of the Future
  • Tools for the Digital Transformation of the Industry
  • Applications in Energy and Lighting for Smart Buildings, Automotive, Healthcare, etc.
  • Applications in Sensors, Wearables, IoT
  • Applications in Intelligent Packaging
  • Flexible & Printed Electronics Entrepreneurial activities
  • Clusters and Associations in Flexible & Printed Electronics Worldwide
  • Funding & Commercialization Opportunities

Call for Start-up Competition & Posters

Do not miss the opportunity to become part of an exciting business program and promote your activities through the following options:

  • START-UP COMPETITION with Pitch presentations from Start-up companies to a panel of funding organizations and strategic partners
  • POSTER PRESENTATIONS from R&D organizations, Research institutes and Academic laboratories

More information is available here.