ADAMOS with sixth shareholder and new CTO

ADAMOS with sixth shareholder and new CTO

  • ENGEL Austria GmbH becomes sixth shareholder of the joint venture ADAMOS GmbH
  • ADAMOS strengthens management team further with Matthias Volm as CTO
  • ADAMOS increases compatibility with current IIoT and platform technology


On 13 December 2017, the global market leader for injection moulding machines ENGEL Austria GmbH took a stake in ADAMOS GmbH, becoming its sixth shareholder.

And on 1 January 2018, Matthias Volm was appointed second managing director and CTO of ADAMOS GmbH. Matthias Volm has acted as managing director at tapio GmbH, a Dürr AG subsidiary, since 2017.


ADAMOS is the strategic alliance between leading machine builders and Software AG for the highly topical areas of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). ADAMOS stands for ADAptive Manufacturing Open Solutions and is specially tailored to the needs of machinery and plant engineering companies and their customers:


Engel Austria GmbH is a globally leading manufacturer of injection moulding machines and system solution provider that decided early on to join in the trend of networking and production process digitisation. ENGEL’s efforts in this area have resulted in a wide-ranging portfolio of different software and hardware solutions within the company’s inject-4.0 product range.

Dr Stefan Engleder, CEO of Engel Austria GmbH: “ENGEL has been involved in the area of Industry 4.0 for quite some time and has acquired a great deal of experience. We see it as our remit to support our customers in their very individual requirements and accompany them on the path towards the digital factory. By taking a stake in ADAMOS, we are now also gaining access to a leading IIoT platform, which will enable us to take an active part in shaping the industry standard of digitally networked production.”


As a platform service provider for the partner companies, ADAMOS makes available both the fundamental infrastructure and the essential functionalities as “Platform as a Service” (PaaS). This provides each partner with direct access to leading-edge IIoT technologies for their customers that is totally manufacturer-independent. The platform technology can be deployed internationally, can be quickly implemented and is available as a cloud or on-premise solution through stationary servers. ADAMOS utilises standardised interfaces, making it both reliable and compatible with any platform technology. The ADAMOS alliance aims at combining the know-how from mechanical engineering, production and information technology with a high level of added value for the customer and jointly establishing global industry standards.

The partners’ digital marketplaces based on ADAMOS are proprietary and act as interfaces to the market. Each partner markets their own digital offering independently. It is through the marketplaces that customers obtain access to the 360° offerings comprising digital infrastructure and individually designed smart software and service solutions.


“Currently, digitisation is the most important driver of growth, innovation and productivity for machinery and plant engineering. ADAMOS enables all partner companies to evolve from a leading IIoT and Industry 4.0 solution user into a leading smart services provider. Our most important task over the next few months will be to set up the ADAMOS ecosystems and their customer-focused connectivity to further platform and cloud systems,” stresses Matthias Volm, ADAMOS GmbH CTO and Managing Director of tapio GmbH. tapio combines sophisticated digital products for the wood industry with thousands of production machines and the highly varied supply of production material and tools in a digital marketplace. In his dual role, he interlinks the IIoT platform with the partners’ digital marketplaces. In addition, Volm will push ahead with the further adaptation of the ADAMOS platform to the requirements of machinery and plant engineering.

ADAMOS GmbH started operating on 1 October 2017. DMG MORI, Dürr, Software AG, ZEISS, ASM PT and ENGEL are equal shareholders in ADAMOS GmbH, based in Darmstadt. Other machinery and plant engineering companies can also use the range of services available through ADAMOS as partners.

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