Arburg Receives Award for Knowledge Management in Service

Arburg Receives Award for Knowledge Management in Service

  • Excellence: USU honours innovative concept by Lossburg machine manufacturer
  • Digitalisation: knowledge management technologies as cornerstone of Industry 4.0
  • Service: rapid access to all required information


Lossburg/Bonn, 18/06/2018

Arburg is known throughout the industry as a pioneer when it comes to digitalisation. This includes using knowledge management technologies in service. For its implementation of the innovative concept, USU GmbH – one of Europe’s largest providers of IT and knowledge management software – has now awarded Arburg its Knowledge Award 2018. USU’s unymira division presents this award to honour new, inspiring and verifiably successful ideas for practical application of the Knowledge Center database. The award was presented at the USU World 2018 specialist conference in Bonn on 7 June 2018.


“We present our knowledge management award to involve our customers and our prospective and existing business partners in innovating advances in knowledge handling and to express recognition for intelligent application concepts and pioneering initiatives,” USU Managing Director Sven Kolb comments the motivation behind the competition.


Centralised portal for 6,000 documents

At Arburg, knowledge management technologies make around 6,000 documents available in service at only two or three clicks through a central portal. This affords the more than 200 people working in the service division – backend and field staff – really fast access to relevant documents and the respectively required content. The system automatically and intelligently compiles correct content based on context, e.g. by automatically putting together subject overviews. To do so, all relevant knowledge sources are searched, for example Lotus Notes, Documentum or SAP. In addition, the system offers not only multiple languages but is also available offline.

Thanks to the innovative application of the active technologies, the number of previously quite time-consuming full-text searches has been cut by around one third. Also, the “active” documents reduce the workforce’s document maintenance workload. User figures can be analysed and indicate permanently high user acceptance.


Fast track to desired data

Björn Feber, project lead at Arburg, explains the benefits offered by the Knowledge Center active database: “Using the database has allowed us first and foremost to minimise solution research in the service division. This is thanks to the returned search terms automatically sorting by subject as this eliminates the need for time-consuming, manual sifting through the search results to locate the actually desired content.”


Digital transformation in service

Besides the awarded knowledge management, Arburg employs a wide variety of additional digital tools that help make customer support more efficient. Examples include the digital spare parts ordering system that has already been available for a long time, the Arburg Remote Service, which is also included in one of the new digital assistance packages, or the SAP-based tool “mobileX”, which facilitates even more specific and faster worldwide coordination among Arburg service technicians. And Arburg is far from done when it comes to advancing digital transformation in service and all other divisions.

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