DMG MORI focuses on green production of all machines worldwide

DMG MORI focuses on green production of all machines worldwide

DMG MORI’s production completely CO2-neutral as of January 2021 Bielefeld // Sustainably and comprehensively standing up for the environment:


DMG MORI will manufacture all machines completely climate-neutral from 2021 onwards – from raw materials to delivery. DMG MORI’s manufacturing solutions also provide the highest energy efficiency at the customers’ premises. In addition, DMG MORI machines play a key role in the production of green technologies.


“Climate protection concerns each and every one of us. Technological leadership and environ-mental protection go hand in hand. DMG MORI therefore takes on complete responsibility,” says Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board of DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT. “From 2021, the entire value chain of our manufacturing solutions – from raw materials to delivery of our machines to the customer – will be CO2-neutral. This makes DMG MORI one of the first industrial companies worldwide to have a climate-neutral ‘Product Carbon Footprint’. We also consistently improve the energy efficiency of our machines. In the production of environmentally friendly technologies we are an innovation leader.”


Since May 2020, the “Company Carbon Footprint” of DMG MORI, which covers its own value creation, has been climate-neutral. DMG MORI avoids emissions in all areas, among others through modern heating, ventilation and cooling concepts. At the same time, DMG MORI uses self-generated regenerative energy and purchases exclusively green electricity at almost all locations. The remaining CO2 emissions, which cannot be avoided so far, are compensated by investments in sustainable, certified climate protection projects.


DMG MORI bundles its integrated initiatives for climate-neutrality into three areas:

GREENMACHINE: In addition to its own climate-neutral value creation, DMG MORI will also offset CO2 emissions that arise in the supply chain from 2021 onwards, for example in the production of raw materials such as cast steel. From January 2021, customers worldwide will receive completely climate-neutrally produced machines from all DMG MORI production plants.

GREENMODE: For many years, DMG MORI has been optimizing the energy and emission efficiency of its machines through specific CELOS apps, consumption-optimized components such as LED lighting, the recuperation of braking energy and intelligent control of all units. DMG MORI products also protect the environment and conserves resources during operation at the customer’s premises.

GREENTECH: DMG MORI advances the production and further development of green tech-nologies. Customers use DMG MORI machines to produce highly innovative components, e.g. parts for wind power plants, hydroelectric power plants, fuel cells or electric mobility. For many years, DMG MORI has built up specific know-how to support its customers worldwide in Excellence Centers.

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Company Profile // DMG MORI

DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT is a worldwide leading manufacturer of machine tools and provider of future-oriented technology solutions. In the financial year 2019 we reached sales revenues of around € 2.7 billion with around 7,200 employees. Together with DMG MORI COMPANY LIMITED – as “Global One Company” – we reached sales revenues of around € 4 billion in the financial year 2019.

With dynamic and excellence we advance future technologies. Our portfolio comprises turning and milling machines, the Advanced Technologies Ultrasonic, Lasertec and Additive Manufacturing as well as consistent automation and digitization solutions. Our modular products allow quick, easy and scalable access to digital manufacturing and end-to-end digitization along the entire process chain – from planning and preparatory work to production and monitoring to service.

Our technology excellence is bundled within the main sectors of “Aerospace”, “Automotive”, “Die & Mold”, and “Medical”. Our partner program “DMG MORI Qualified Products” (DMQP) allows us to offer perfectly matched peripheral products from a single source. Our customer-focused services covering the entire life cycle of a machine tool include training, repair, maintenance and spare parts service. The modern customer portal, “my DMG MORI” digitizes service processes.

Around 12,000 employees work for “Global One Company”. With 154 sales and service locations – including 14 production plants – we are present worldwide and deliver to more than 100,000 customers from 42 industries in 79 countries.