EU LIFE Project “ABSolutely Circular” recognised by the European Commission’s “Innovation Radar”

EU LIFE Project “ABSolutely Circular” recognised by the European Commission’s “Innovation Radar”

  • Market maturity of the innovation is categorised as “Market ready”
  • Market creation of the innovation is categorised as “The innovation addresses the needs of existing markets/ existing customers”

The EU LIFE Project “ABSolutely Circular”, addressing ABS production from chemically recycled PS waste, has been featured by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar and will be showcased on the organisation’s website[1] as one of “the great EU-funded innovations”. Project partner INEOS Styrolution has been identified as “Key Innovator” by the organisation.

Petra Inghelbrecht, Global Sustainability Manager at INEOS Styrolution and project leader for the ABSolutely Circular research project, comments: “This recognition is a strong motivation for all partners participating in this project. We are privileged to work with strong technology partners like Indaver who share our vision of treating waste as a valuable resource.”

Erik Moerman, Manager International Sales & Business Development, Indaver, adds: “We are committed to turning styrenic waste into valuable resources. We are looking forward to being part of a circular economy for this remarkable material with amazing properties.”

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About Indaver
Indaver is a European player in the waste industry with plants and operations in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Indaver manages and treats industrial and household waste in specialist facilities for the industry, waste collectors and governments. Indaver recovers valuable raw materials and energy from these treated waste streams. By doing so, Indaver is creating value from waste and helping to close the materials loop in a safe, low carbon and energy-efficient manner, which makes Indaver the ideal partner in the pursuit of a sustainable circular economy. In 2020, Indaver achieved a turnover of 600 million euros with approximately 1,900 staff throughout Europe.

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