ExxonMobil Introduces Innovative Solutions and Applications to the Middle East Region at Plastex

ExxonMobil Introduces Innovative Solutions and Applications to the Middle East Region at Plastex

• Highlighting packaging applications with extreme performance that do more with less
• Introducing Rethink Recycle with Vistamaxx™: increasing recycled content in high-value applications
• Presenting agricultural film solutions which are extremely damage-resistant and use less material

BRUSSELS – ExxonMobil will demonstrate at its Plastex booth (C10) how, by working together and utilizing combined expertise, customers across the value chain can create differentiated solutions for a range of applications including: packaging, agriculture, building & construction, and hygiene & personal care.

“There is growing demand in the Middle East region for innovative packaging solutions that deliver extreme performance while doing more with less,” said Adeline Duponchel, Polyethylene Regional Market Development Manager, ExxonMobil. ”At Plastex, visitors will have the opportunity to see innovative solutions for a wide range of applications, discuss their challenges and discover the benefits of working together to develop innovative, differentiated solutions.”

Key highlights of ExxonMobil’s presence at Plastex include:

▪ Packaging applications made with Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance PE polymers including: full polyethylene (PE) stand-up pouches (SUP); heavy duty sacks made with multi-cycle recycled polyethylene (PE); collation shrink packaging; and, cast stretch and stretch hood packaging films.

▪ Rethink Recycle with Vistamaxx™ performance polymers ― a proven, cost-effective solution allowing increased recycled content utilization for high-value applications. Acting as a compatibilizer between PE and polypropylene (PP) in recycled content streams, Vistamaxx polymers can improve the properties, such as impact strength, of recycled content containing products.

▪ Agricultural films which, because they are made with performance PE polymers, are tougher and thinner than conventional films for longer service life and less material use.

“Besides Rethink Recycle, Vistamaxx™ performance polymers help create new possibilities in a wide variety of applications because they can enhance attributes such as toughness, cling, sealability, softness, clarity, dispersion, adhesion, elasticity and flexibility,” said Gertrud Masure, Vistamaxx EMEAF Market Development Manager, ExxonMobil. “We look forward to interacting with visitors at Plastex and discussing how Vistamaxx can help bring innovation to their product developments.”

Find out more about developing sustainable solutions by meeting with ExxonMobil experts at the Plastex booth (C10) or visit our Events page to see a list of all upcoming events.


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