INEOS Styrolution joins Cyclyx as founding member

INEOS Styrolution joins Cyclyx as founding member

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire, USA, August 16, 2021 – Cyclyx International, a consortium-based feedstock management company with a mission to increase the recycling rate of plastic from 10% to 90%, announced that INEOS Styrolution, a global leader in styrenics, has joined the Cyclyx consortium as a founding member. Ricardo Cuetos, vice president, INEOS Styrolution America, will join the Cyclyx executive advisory board.

INEOS Styrolution recently announced its global plastic pledge to move toward a more circular economy for plastic packaging. The company has developed a family of products made from recycled post-consumer plastic waste as well as materials based on renewable feedstock in an effort to fulfil its vision to be recognized as the global leader in sustainable styrenics solutions. These products, marketed under the name INEOS Styrolution ECO, match the performance of the company’s existing producing portfolio while reducing its greenhouse gas footprint and reducing the amount of post-consumer waste going to landfill.

INEOS Styrolution has a strong vision for sustainability aimed at improving and increasing the recovery of post-consumer plastic waste and strengthening innovation for circularity. In his role on the Cyclyx executive advisory board, Mr. Cuetos will actively contribute to innovative advancements in the sustainability and circular economy of plastics. 

As a member of the Cyclyx consortium, INEOS Styrolution will have access to the Cyclyx platform which includes an integrated set of innovations including chemical characterization of plastics and predictive modelling of feedstock sources to product pathways, custom feedstock recipes, and customized supply chains, offering INEOS Styrolution essential tools to accelerate progress on its sustainability goals. These innovations aim to deliver waste plastic feedstock appropriate for all existing and new mechanical and advanced recycling pathways.

“Cyclyx is a leader in the feedstock management and technology space, going far beyond conventional methods for recovering plastic waste. Cyclyx’s extensive knowledge of polystyrene waste sourcing will allow us to reach the necessary feedstock levels required to meet the increasingly high demand we are seeing for recycled polystyrene products. The opportunity to join Cyclyx as a founding member further strengthens our valued partnership and I am looking forward to being a part of the continued innovations that will certainly come from Cycylx.” says, Ricardo Cuetos, vice president, INEOS Styrolution America, Standard Products.

“We are excited to have INEOS Styrolution as a Cyclyx member and welcome Mr. Cuetos to the advisory board,” stated Joe Vaillancourt, CEO of Cyclyx. “INEOS Styrolution’s commitment to a circular economy is undeniable and their expertise in styrenics make them a strong addition to the consortium while reinforcing the commitment of our members to drive post-use plastic recycling rates from 10% to 90%.”

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Cyclyx International, LLC. (“Cyclyx”) is a post-use plastic feedstock management company working with industry participants to develop innovative recycling solutions for all types of post-use plastics. The company’s mission is to help increase the recycling rate of plastics from 10% to 90% by using Cyclyx’s expertise in understanding the chemical composition of post-use plastic in collaboration with industry partners to create a new, innovative supply chain. Cyclyx was founded by Agilyx Corporation (“Agilyx”), a leader in advanced chemical recycling, together with ExxonMobil Chemical Company, one of the largest chemical companies in the world. Cyclyx has been formed to be a consortium-based entity and since its founding there have been a growing number of companies joining its membership. For more information, visit us at