KREYENBORG delivers highly flexible mixing system for the recycling sector

KREYENBORG delivers highly flexible mixing system for the recycling sector

KREYENBORG has planned, delivered, and successfully put into operation a tailor-made mixing system, to be used by a customer for a wide range of regrinds.

Due to the customer’s particular mixing requirements, this was a multi-faceted task for KREYENBORG. Since the customer needed to reuse different materials from different mills and shredders, and in various batch sizes in their production, they wanted to have the greatest possible flexibility for their mixing system. Among other specifications, they wanted it to guarantee performance with speed, reproducibility, and precision, with a wide variety of regrinds. At the same time, the unit had to have a small footprint, mix small and large quantities of regrind efficiently, and be easy to clean when changing materials.

The mixing system, designed by KREYENBORG, includes two proven Universal Quick Mixers. These two mixers can be operated individually – for mixing smaller quantities quickly and effectively and to ensure easier cleaning in the event of a material change – or they can be connected and used together. For smaller quantities, this has the advantage that mixing times can be reduced by around 50%. For larger quantities, the mixer volume can be doubled to generate a single, larger batch.

Correspondingly, a required filter module was installed downstream of the silos to collect the conveyed dust. The homogenized material is discharged via two discharge screws into the big-bag filling stations.
For the emptying of residue, and for still-simpler cleaning of the system, the discharge screws can be rotated counter-clockwise. The central PLC control system – equipped with touch display and visualization – of course also ensures user-friendly operation.

With this mixing solution, custom-designed and developed by KREYENBORG, the customer will be optimally equipped for future mixing tasks, as they change.