Molecor expands its range of Oriented PVC Pipes launching the DN1000 mm diameter TOM® pipe

Molecor expands its range of Oriented PVC Pipes launching the DN1000 mm diameter TOM® pipe

New milestone for the leading company in the development of molecular orientation technology applied to pressurized water pipes. Molecor, surpassing itself once again, launches the first DN1000 mm Oriented PVC pipe in the world, a fact that represents a new milestone in the pressure pipeline sector.

Molecor consolidates its leadership in the sector with a new diameter that exponentially expands the applications and markets of PVC-O pipes, pipes that have become the most efficient solution for the transport of water under pressure and that now open the possibilities for large diameter projects in which it was not present until now.

The trajectory of the company is marked by the launch of products that have been important turning points in the market, such as the launch of the DN500 mm, DN630 mm, DN710 mm, DN800 mm pipes, the launch of ecoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings and now, it makes the DN1000 mm pipe available to the market, thus providing innovative solutions that respond to the needs and challenges that the pressurized water transport market presents today.

The exclusive molecular orientation process developed by Molecor, and based on a Genuine Air System, through which TOM® PVC-O pipes are manufactured, significantly improves the mechanical properties of the pipes. Being a lighter and more ductile product, TOM® pipes can be installed more easily, becoming the pipes with the greatest installation range in m/h, which translates into significant cost savings.

Their greater hydraulic capacity, TOM® PVC-O pipes transport a greater volume of water for the same diameter, their lightness, these pipes can be installed manually up to DN350 mm, their better behavior against water hammer due to its lower speed, their excellent resistance to impacts or their complete watertightness, among other characteristics, make the range of TOM® Oriented PVC pipes manufactured by Molecor the best alternative on the market, both from an economic point of view and from the sustainability point of view, for the transport of water under pressure.

This new diameter, together with the existing ones, guarantees the necessary pressure and flow effectiveness while managing the water resources intelligently. With a very high useful life and characteristics aimed at optimizing available resources and reducing both installation and maintenance costs in hydraulic infrastructures, TOM® PVC-O pipes are also a product guaranteed for 50 years.

Press release from Molecor