New MX Nozzle Heater from Mastip

New MX Nozzle Heater from Mastip

Mastip is about continuous improvement and making things better. As technology changes we are able to take advantage of those improvements and have decided to redevelop the MX Nozzle heater.

The original MX Nozzle Heater included a micro-coil heater with an integrated stainless steel shield. The New MX Nozzle Heater adopts the same construction as our TX nozzles with a micro-coil heater embedded into a copper alloy sleeve.

The new style copper alloy sleeve heater offers the following benefits:

  • lower heater wattage requirement
  • improvements in both thermal profile and thermal efficiency
  • interchangeable with previous MX Nozzle heaters

The MX Nozzle continues to be the optimum solution for small to medium part applications specifically designed for multi cavity manifold systems and hot halves.

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