New think tank for injection molders and toolmakers

New think tank for injection molders and toolmakers

The System Center for Industrial Temperature Control Technology opens in Lüdenscheid


Following months of preparation, the System Center for Industrial Temperature Control (SIT) is now opening for business. The new foundation is an institution created by the thermodynamics specialist hotset and it gives experts from plastics technology and toolmaking the opportunity to obtain detailed first-hand information on the full capabilities of the Z-System. Experts consider the high-speed process for partial-cyclic cavity temperature control to be one of the most significant innovations in the field of variothermal mold temperature control. What’s more, this new process is being presented in the new System Center on an ENGEL injection molding machine. The Austrian mechanical engineering firm and system expert supports hotset’s temperature control process with innovative injection molding technology.


In the new System Center for Industrial Temperature Control (SIT) of the thermodynamics specialist hotset, injection molders, mold makers and product developers can get first-hand information about the performance of the Z-System.


The countdown has begun: In just a few more days, thermodynamics specialist hotset will be opening the System Center for Industrial Temperature Control Technology (SIT) in the German town of Lüdenscheid. Given the restrictions on physical contact as a result of the pandemic, this event is going to have to take place without a great big crowd, but for toolmakers and injection molders alike, this new center is a major milestone. This is probably the world’s first technical center dedicated to the comprehensive presentation and demonstration of the Z-System for partial-cyclical temperature control of the cavities of injection molds. Having been introduced nearly four years ago, this highly flexible, dynamic high-speed process is considered a pioneering further development of the principle of variothermal mold temperature control. Numerous plastics processors in the consumer and automotive industries are already using it today. “The Z-System can now be witnessed in action in our new technical center in Lüdenscheid, both as a stand-alone or retrofit solution, as well as in the fully integrated version in an ENGEL 80 tonne injection molding machine”, reports René Schlöter, Technical Manager of the System Center for Industrial Temperature Control Technology (SIT). The internationally renowned injection molding machine manufacturer ENGEL also offers its customers the integration of the hotset temperature control system as an optional extra.


René Schlöter, Technical Manager of the System Centre for Industrial Temperature Control Technology (SIT): “In our new technical centre the Z-System can be seen in action as a stand-alone and retrofit solution as well as in the fully integrated version in an 80-tonne ENGEL injection moulding machine”.


Complete process equipment

The application of the Z-System in an injection mold yields significant and clearly visible improvements in the surface quality of plastic molded parts and also opens up the possibility of realizing fine microstructures with very thin wall thicknesses. In the new system center, toolmakers and injection molders can now experience the excellent performance and high energy efficiency of hotset’s dynamic temperature control process without obligation. “In our new technical center, the thermally and control-technically highly complex process of the Z-system can be clearly illustrated and demonstrated in a practical setting, allowing the potential user to immediately appreciate the advantages”, explains René Schlöter. To this end, the SIT’s technical equipment fully reproduces the complete injection molding process as it is usually found on site in companies’ production lines. In addition to the ENGEL injection molding machine and the entire control technology for the Z-system, the SIT also houses the necessary mold equipment, a treatment system for the cooling water from the machine and mold, and a state-of-the-art material drying system from WENZ Kunststoff GmbH, which also plays a key role. After all, as René Schlöter emphasizes, “not only is the correct material preparation an important factor for injection molding per se, but also for the successful use of the Z-System. Therefore, having our partner company WENZ on board is a genuine benefit”. hotset attached great importance to having as many companies from the regional area as possible participate in equipping the new system center. ENGEL also has a local branch office in Hagen.


In the new SIT in Lüdenscheid a complete injection moulding process with ENGEL injection moulding machine, Z-System as well as mould equipment, cooling water treatment and material drying system by WENZ is installed.


ENGEL is the first injection moulding machine manufacturer to integrate the Z-system into one of its 80-tonne SGMs in terms of control technology. Such a machine forms the technological heart of the new SIT from hotset.


The two variants of high-speed temperature control

The Z-System is always provided to the user by hotset as a case-specific, ready-to-use complete solution, which includes the appropriate control technology. It consists of several hardware and software components and is integrated into the mold – similar to a conventional hot runner system. The cavities can be heated and cooled in synchronization with the injection molding process, either individually or in sections. As this takes place at the record-breaking heating rate of up to 60 Kelvin per second, experts refer to this as a high-speed temperature control system. In other words: The Z-System allows extremely rapid temperature changes in the mold in very short cycles.

In addition to fixed installation in the mold and comprehensive setup including control cabinet and touch screen by hotset, it is also possible to fully integrate the Z-System into the ENGEL injection molding machine’s control system, in which case no additional peripherals are required. In this case, hotset will design the mold and install and commission the temperature control system. ENGEL’s injection molding machine is an example of this variant in the new technical center. In the case of cooperative customer projects, the mechanical engineering company takes over the hardware extension for control and visualization. René Schlöter reports: “ENGEL’s engineers have worked out a solution for control technology and software implementation to enable the full integration of the Z-System on the basis of conventional industrial interfaces”. It has also been shown that many well-known ENGEL technologies such as the innovative e-flomo temperature control water distribution system and the intelligent iQ weight control assistance system are perfect process partners for the Z-System.

The new System Center for Industrial Temperature Control Technology (SIT) makes it possible to run through many different situations from the plastics processing industry in a practical setting. Here, both the fully integrated machine solution and the previously widely used stand-alone or retrofit solution from hotset can be accessed – for example for customer sampling or material tests with the Z-System. Injection molders and toolmakers striving for one hundred percent quality in their plastic moldings benefit from the combined know-how of an internationally active thermodynamics specialist and a mechanical engineering company with a worldwide reputation.

Incidentally: hotset’s engineers maintain a very close relationship with well-known material suppliers in order to develop a temperature-related range of materials with them. ENGEL’s customers will then also have full access to this. 

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