OCS presents Tape Analyser XTA100 and Pest Control OnRoll PCR3000

OCS presents Tape Analyser XTA100 and Pest Control OnRoll PCR3000

Witten, 7th October 2019: Beside the new Pellet Scanner XP7 with X-Ray technology for raw material inspection, OCS presents a new Tape Analyser XTA100 for the OCS calender lines, which detects metallic defects with the help of X-Rays. Furthermore, OCS has developed a new solution called Pest Control onRoll PCR3000 for film producer. It enables the detection of insects, wrinkles or other contaminations on the roll in the winder.


TAPE ANALYSER XTA100. The OCS Calender & Tape Cleanliness Analyser was specially developed for the wire and cable industry. Now, OCS also offers the Tape Analyser XTA100 with X-ray. First, the extruded tape is calendered and cooled from both sides by the special chill roll unit of the modular tape analyser. The Tape Analyser XTA100 enables the detection of defects that absorb X-rays (e.g. metal particles) with a resolution from 20 μm. Real-time results of the measurement data can be displayed in various forms with the help of the OCS software. The XTA100 is a full protection device according to DIN 54113. In particular, the combination of XTA100 (X-Ray) and FSA100 V2 (optical) enables extended classification options for defining thetype of defect.


PEST CONTROL ONROLL PCR3000. With the development of Pest Control onRoll PCR3000, the film producer is able to inspect the film on the roll in the winder and detect all types of insects, wrinkles and contaminants. PCR3000 enables inspection widths of up to 10 meters and is particularly suitable for flow and blown film, biax, laminating and slitting lines. Easy integration into the winder is possible. In addition, Pest Control onRoll PCR3000 can be integrated into the existing FSP600 system software or used as a stand-alone solution.


OCS is exhibiting these and many other product developments at this years K Trade Fair inDüsseldorf, Hall 10, Booth E21.



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