SKF – Virtual Technical Press days – Bearing 2.0: What the future holds

SKF – Virtual Technical Press days – Bearing 2.0: What the future holds


SKF welcomes you to our virtual Technical Press days 7-8 October. We would have liked to show you our developments in person, but due to the circumstances, we hope that you want to meet with us online instead. We give you two separate sessions with different content 15.00-16.30, both days.

With the theme “Bearing 2.0 – what the future holds”, our expert speakers will address industry trends and predict how innovations in bearing manufacture and supply will change the way manufacturers work.



October 7, 15.00-16.30

Victoria Van Camp, CTO and president, Innovation & Business Development – The future of R&D in an outcome-based business environment

Eitan Vesely, SKF AI Offering Manager – Applying automated machine learning to improve machine performance and output

Bernie van Leeuwen, Director Research and Technology Development – Predicting reliable rotation

October 8, 15.00-16.30

Victoria Van Camp, President Technology, Business and Product development – The configuration revolution: customer-driven bearing development

Guillermo Morales-Espejel, Principal Scientist, SKF – Development in life models – SKF Generalized Bearing Life Model and Hybrid bearings

Hugh Zhu, Manager Product Development Deep groove ball bearings – Electrification and Electric Vehicles – opportunities, challenges and solutions


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