STEER’s technology for the development and commercialization of “Rice Resin”™

STEER’s technology for the development and commercialization of “Rice Resin”™

Push for environment-friendly alternatives to oil-based plastics


Technology company STEER Engineering, which specialises in solutions for effectively transforming and functionalising materials in the field of plastics, pharmaceuticals, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials and biorefining, has announced that its patented technology is now being deployed for
the development of biomass resin. This initiative will bring forward several biomass-related solutions as an environment-friendly alternative to oil-based plastics for applications in various industries, including the growing consumer market worldwide.

STEER recently supplied 3 units of Omega 60 class extruders to Biomass Resin Holdings Co. Ltd.; (Japan). The extruders help accelerate development and commercialization of compound materials of inedible rice with polyolefin resins, called “Rice Resin”™. Using these compound materials, products such as trash bags, shopping bags, cutlery (plastic utensils), and toys, can be manufactured for end customers. In the long term, these products significantly reduce plastic waste through environment-friendly polymer.

Subodh Jindal, CEO, STEER Engineering, commented, “World over, there is a broad consensus for using alternatives to oil-based plastics owing to various reasons, including environmental concerns. At STEER, we have been pioneering technology that can help transform compounds for
biomass-based solutions. We are proud of the fact that our technology is now being deployed by global brands. It is our mission to drive the world towards a simpler, better and more evolved tomorrow.”

The Omega series extruders set a new standard in the compounding industry; they come withSTEER’s patented ‘fractional lobe geometry’ special elements that are designed to enhance process efficiency and quality of output, while delivering far greater returns on investment. It also enables
manufacturers to increase their production capacity by up to 25 per cent due to the increased volume and higher torque capacity. STEER technology facilitates better and desired compounding of biomass-based materials by offering better control for desired outcomes.

Omega extruders with their special fractional lobe processor features, revolutionizes efficiency in handling difficult to process materials and many other applications that need lower residence timeand/or tightening of residence time distribution.

Considering the heightened environmental awareness worldwide, especially in the developed and developing countries, there is a dire need for replacing oil-based plastics in a phased manner. While this may be a challenge for developing economies, companies like STEER are at the forefront of pioneering and revolutionizing proven technology that is accessible and easily deployable.

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STEER is a creator of advanced material platform/manufacturing technologies that transform the functionality of
differentiated plastics, pharmaceuticals, food & nutraceuticals, and biomaterials. Founded in 1993 by Dr. Babu
Padmanabhan with a vision to “steer a new world” – a world that is healthy and sustainable, STEER today has 5
global offices and 10 satellite offices, serving over 39 countries and employs over 500 gifted engineers, scientists,
and technicians across the globe. With 60 patents for breakthrough innovations, the company is committed to
the design, creation, and implementation of gamechanging continuous process technologies.