AMB 2018 – Strategic fields of the future in Hall 10

AMB 2018 – Strategic fields of the future in Hall 10

Integrated digitization, end-to-end automation solutions, ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING and Technology Excellence in the medical and die and mold sectors are the focus topics at DMG MORI’s booth at the AMB exhibition.

  • Integrated digitization: continuous digitalisation from planning and preparation, over production, to monitoring and service
  • 13 pioneering automation solutions: greater value creation due to end-to-end automation
  • ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: four complete process chains for powder bed and powder nozzle
  • LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd Gen.: flexible rePLUG powder module for material changeover in less than two hours
  • Technology Excellence: end-to-end industry expertise for the die and mold and medical sectors
  • 32 high-tech exhibits live in operation and IoT ready
  • LASERTEC 75 Shape: low costs due to shorter process times

At this year’s AMB exhibition in Stuttgart, which will run from 18 to 22 September, DMG MORI will be presenting its latest developments from its innovative portfolio on a space spanning roughly 2,200 m² – in Hall 10 for the first time ever. This is where the machine tool manufacturer will be demonstrating the focus on its strategic fields of the future: DMG MORI is shaping Industry 4.0 with integrated digitization. The core fields of this work are CELOS for mapping digital workflows, new software solutions for production planning to optimise internal value creation processes, exclusive technology cycles, plus CAD / CAM and simulation solutions. DMG MORI turns end-to-end automation solutions into a reality for its customers as part of an individual and ex-works process. DMG MORI will be showcasing automated versions of 13 of the 32 machines on show. What’s more, it will be demonstrating all of the digitalisation and automation highlights every 30 minutes in the “digital factory” at its exhibition booth. In the field of ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, the LASERTEC 30 SLM2nd generation in a user-friendly stealth design will be showcasing the flexible rePLUG powder module, which enables material changeover in less than two hours. DMG MORI will also be demonstrating its technology excellence for the die and mold and medical sectors.

Integrated digitization – continuous digitization from planning and preparation, over production, to monitoring and service

DMG MORI is a pioneer when it comes to digitalisation in machine tool construction. Under the key phrase “Integrated Digitization”, the technological leader will be presenting a gradual introduction to networked production at AMB with integrated and continuous digitalisation solutions. The focus topics include CELOS for implementing digital workflows to assist with precise component production, software products for digital processes in work preparation, new solutions for advanced production planning, and exclusive technology cycles. What’s more, DMG MORI will be showcasing NETservice including a new SERVICEcamera and IoTconnector as a network interface. NETservice is a state-of-the-art tool for remote servicing. By means of a multi-user conference, it enables direct collaboration between users, service technicians or other experts in a direct communication network designed to facilitate joint solutions to service issues. With WERKBLiQ, a web-based and manufacturer-independent platform, everyone involved in the maintenance and repair process can be networked with one another with the help of 15 modules. DMG MORI is therefore offering a continuous digitalisation strategy at all value creation levels.

The three value creation levels include machine-specific apps in the CELOS environment, upstream and downstream processes in the production environment, and manufacturer-independent digital platforms which assist users in service and maintenance activities. CELOS therefore enables digital monitoring of production operations. Digital monitoring includes the MESSENGER, CONDITION ANALYZER, PERFORMANCE MONITOR, TOOL ANALYZER and COCKPIT apps. The new PRODUCTION PLANNING solution is a planning and monitoring system which can continuously and digitally plan and monitor fundamental workflows and processes in manufacturing and production with modules for material management, personnel deployment planning, detailed production planning and order tracking. NETservice and WERKBLiQ round off the range of services. They permit efficient implementation and planning of service calls as well as maintenance and repair activities.

Greater value creation due to end-to-end automation

Automation is a key pillar of DMG MORI’s strategy for the future. Intelligent linking of the machine tool and automation is a key focus at the DMG MORI production sites, to ensure customers can receive their automation solution from a single source. DMG MORI HEITEC, the joint venture established in November 2017, acts as a DMG MORI automation partner in this field. DMG MORI HEITEC GmbH focuses on customized workpiece handling systems, while the automation competence for e.g. pallet handling is directly integrated in the production plants of DMG MORI. From the interplay between the engineering activities at the DMG MORI production plants and the automation expertise at DMG MORI HEITEC, the customer receives a customised, continuous solution which guarantees process reliability. At AMB, DMG MORI will be showcasing its automation expertise using its latest developments in the field of automated production solutions. The total of 13 automated production solutions in Hall 10 include the likes of the PH 150 pallet handling device on a CMX 800 V, the DMU 50 3rd Gen. with a WH 15 workpiece handling device, and an NHX 5000 with RPS 14 rotary pallet storage.

DMG MORI will be presenting another innovation from its automation portfolio at AMB in the form of the second generation of Robo2Go. The flexible robot automation solution for CLX and CTX series turning centres features new software. Using pre-defined program modules, the processes can be created quickly and easily with the Robo2Go 2nd Gen. even without any prior robot programming knowledge. The process of teaching a new workpiece therefore lasts less than 15 minutes. Operation directly takes place via the machine control system. The new gripper geometry has a reduced interference contour and an improved loading capacity of 10 kg, 20 kg or 35 kg depending on the design.

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING – four complete process chains for powder bed and powder nozzle

DMG MORI has cut a successful figure on the market for over five years with the combination of laser deposition welding and metal-cutting machining on LASERTEC 3D hybrid series machines. In addition to establishing and expanding on the digital process chain, DMG MORI has turned itself into a full liner in additive manufacturing. While the LASERTEC 65 3D for pure laser deposition welding complements an existing fleet of machining centres, the new LASERTEC 30 SLM 2ndGen. expands the portfolio to include the powder bed procedure using selective laser melting. The latter two series can be combined with separate machining centres and turning machines from the DMG MORI portfolio, whereby four complete process chains can be created for upstream and downstream machining of components produced during additive manufacturing processes.

LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd generation – a complete solution for ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING in the powder bed

In the market of additive systems for selective laser melting, the second generation of the LASERTEC 30 SLM cuts an impressive figure with its flexibility, productivity and process reliability. The flexible rePLUG powder module, for example, enables material changeover in less than two hours. The closed powder circuit guarantees a high level of work safety and process autonomy. Due to the new door and flap arrangements, the machine’s ergonomic design simplifies workpiece handling and maintenance work, while the new control panel means that all of the important buttons and operating elements are in the direct field of vision and operation. With CELOS, DMG MORI is offering a complete software solution for CAM programming and machine control from a single source. The coordinated and standardised operating interface means that components can be externally programmed and accepted on the machine in an extremely short amount of time, regardless of their complexity.

Technology Excellence – end-to-end industry expertise for the die and mold and medical sectors

With high demands being placed on end-to-end production solutions, both tool and mold construction and medical technology are counted among the most important growth drivers in machine tool construction. DMG MORI has been supporting users in these future-proof sectors with practical experience and specialist know-how for decades. The technological leader pools this expertise in its very own established Technology Excellence Centres, where DMG MORI experts are involved in developing customer products at a very early stage. The Die & Mold Excellence Centre at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten makes use of a wide range of machines – from the machining centres in the monoBLOCK and duoBLOCK series, over innovative LASERTEC 3D machines for additive manufacturing, which is becoming increasingly important, to the XXL machining centres. DECKEL MAHO Seebach, to name but one example, is the ideal location for the Medical Excellence Centre, as it is a production plant for high-precision DMU eVo linear machines and for the rapid MILLTAP 700 compact processing centre.

Both customers and DMG MORI itself benefit from the early collaboration in the Technology Excellence Centres. The close dialogue between users from the sectors and design engineers in the DMG MORI plants allows everyone involved to learn from one another. Not only does this create perfect production solutions for customers on the one hand; on the other new knowledge is incorporated directly into the further development of the DMG MORI product range.

LASERTEC 75 Shape – low costs due to shorter process times

With the LASERTEC Shape series, geometrically defined surface structures, fine contours and filigree cavities can be produced in the very best quality and without any tool wear for the manufacture of injection moulds, pressing dies, labels and other engraving solutions, all the while guaranteeing maximum process reliability and reproducibility. DMG MORI will be presenting the latest generation of the successful LASERTEC 75 Shape as the highlight of the series at AMB. The new optional high-speed focus increases the travel speed in the Z direction from 1.5 m/s to 4 m/s, while the laser achieves a pulse frequency of up to 1,000 kHz and the texture quality was optimised further at high process speeds. The results of this are up to 69% shorter process times and, therefore, far lower costs per component.

The highly dynamic LASERTEC 75 Shape combines all the stability benefits offered by the tried-and-tested monoBLOCK design, along with the advantages of challenging 5-axis machining. With an installation area of 7.9 m2, it is the most compact machine in its class. Travel paths of 750 × 650 × 560 mm (X / Y / Z) allow this machine to be used for a multitude of different applications. The maximum workpiece dimension is ø 840 x 520 mm in the 5-axis version with an NC swivel rotary table. The work area offers users optimum accessibility and guarantees a reduced risk of collision thanks to large dimensions.

 Source : DMG MORI