The XLase GmbH, Hamburg, presents itself at EuroBLECH in hall 16 as a competent partner for efficient laser processing in Europe.

The XLase GmbH, Hamburg, presents itself at EuroBLECH in hall 16 as a competent partner for efficient laser processing in Europe.

Hamburg, 22.10.2018 – EuroBLECH in Hanover marks a strategic milestone for XLase GmbH from Hamburg. For the first time, the European StartUp for Laser Technology will present itself at the world trade fair for sheet metal processing on the big stage – to be found in Hall 16, Stand G91. XLase receives tailwind from the Chinese parent company Foshan Beyond Laser Technology Co, Ltd – better known under the corporate brand HSG Laser.


A few weeks after its foundation, XLase GmbH in Hamburg is in an enthusiastic spirit of optimism. Thorsten Frauenpreiß, Managing Director of the European startup for laser technology, was nevertheless relaxed before the company’s first appearance at the EuroBLECH trade fair in Hanover: “With the founding of XLase GmbH, we set out to bring a breath of fresh air to the European sheet metal industry with manufacturing pragmatism and a large portion of passion for the market and its customers. We also want to make these ambitions clear at EuroBLECH and position ourselves as a serious alternative for the use of lasers in sheet metal, tube and profile processing in Europe”.


Focus on SMEs and small businesses


For the first time, XLase GmbH will meet its competitors directly in Hanover. “As a newcomer in Europe, the company will of course show the necessary respect for the achievements of the mostly long-established market leaders,” says Frauenpreiß. However, he knows very well what XLase is capable of achieving, how they have to position the company and where the greatest opportunities lie. “We will make it difficult for the customers to decide against our offers”, Frauenpreiß presents himself combative and refers to the excellent technology of the XLase machines.


In terms of technical expertise, the company relies on the mechanical engineering experience of the Chinese HSG Laser Group, on whose stand in Hall 16 XLase GmbH will welcome its customers as well as its European sales and service partners. A representative cross-section of the entire portfolio of laser cutting machines for flatbed and hybrid sheet metal, tube and profile processing and multi-axis tube and profile processing systems will be shown in Hanover.

2D laser cutting with the XLase G4020H


One of the highlights at the booth will be the 2D laser-cutting machine XLase G4020H for sheet formats up to 4,000 x 2,000 mm. Equipped with an automatic shuttle table and fiber laser units up to 12 kW, the machine can cut wide range of materials from the board with high efficiency. The rapid traverse speed of max. 140 m/min ensures both fast positioning and minimum non-productive times.


With regard to the production-related laser performance, XLase relies, among other things, on its cooperation with IPG Laser GmbH in Burbach, the German subsidiary of IPG Photonics Corporation (the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers). Also in process control and monitoring, XLase relies on high-tech from Germany utilizing cutting heads from Precitec GmbH & Co. KG.


Tube and profile machining with XLase TH65


The successfully growing tube and profile processing segment will be represented at EuroBLECH by the XLase TH65. Depending on requirements, the system is available with either semi-automatic or both automatic loading and unloading systems. The machining options for standard round tubes range from 20 to 210 mm diameter. For square or rectangular formats, edge lengths of 20 to 150 mm are defined as the limit range. The maximum length of the workpieces is up to 6,500 mm. In addition, XLase offers its customers special designs such as the XLase TM65 especially for small tubes, the XLase TS65 for larger tube diameters or the XLase TP65 for up to 5-axis tube and profile machining.


XLase: The high-tech brand for Europe


“We are confident that EuroBLECH will give us important impulses for the future”, Thorsten Frauenpreiß is convinced. This is particularly true in view of the direct feedback from customers, but also from European sales and service partners. For HSG Laser, the founding of XLase GmbH in Hamburg marks a technological paradigm shift as well as a market-driven component.


XLase is to be developed as a high-end brand, both carefully and consistently, in order to meet the requirements of the European market better than ever before. To this end, HSG will specifically adjust, i.e. increase, its investments across its entire product portfolio. In addition to the above-mentioned flatbed and hybrid laser systems and multi-axis multimachines for sheet metal, tube and profile processing, the overall product range also includes laser robots and automatic production lines in laser power classes up to 15 kW.


The 3 pillars of the XLase strategy


XLase GmbH will continue to develop its market by relying on the technological and mechanical excellence of the Chinese HSG Laser Group as parent company and on a stringent three-pillar strategy:


  • Development of own infrastructure to strengthen existing European sales and service partners
  • Expansion of the status quo into a seamless competence network for sales, technology, processes, automation and LifeCycle Services
  • Acceleration of the interaction rate between customers, partners, and the Chinese production plant as a basis for reciprocal innovation and optimization processes


Customer-oriented and sustainable

“We are well aware of our role as a newcomer in the supposedly occupied market,” stresses Thorsten Frauenpreiß. “But we know just as well what we can do. And we are convinced that the better solution has a chance in any market of the world at any time.” And it is precisely this opportunity that the company wants to exploit consistently together with its sales and service partners and on the basis of the successive expansion of their presence and performance.


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