BETHEL, CT—January 31, 2019: SPE-Inspiring Plastics Professionals announced today that Townsend Solutions is SPE’s first Preferred Partner. An SPE Preferred Partner is a converter, manufacturer, solutions provider or product distributor that has been recognized by SPE for demonstrated leadership and innovation in the plastics industry.

“To be chosen as an SPE Preferred Partner, a company’s products and services must be valuable to our members.” stated SPE’s Senior Director, Sales and Advertising Stephanie Clark. “Townsend Solutions provides knowledge-driven, insightful analysis and strategic advice in a collaborative setting. This gives our members the tools and support they need to get answers to business-critical issues. It also ensures that they get value driven outcomes.”

Townsend is dedicated to providing easy access to market-leading analysis and insights on the continually evolving plastics industry. From oil price scenarios to end-use application level data, to detailed information on over 60,000 plastic conversion plants, the company leverages its depth and expertise to provide knowledge, context and clarity to the industry. Townsend products and services include industry training and education, market research and consulting, customer and people surveys, price benchmarking and deep-dive reports.

“We are pleased to welcome Townsend Solutions to the SPE Preferred Partner Program,” said SPE’s CEO Patrick Farrey. “Giving our members access to the tools they need to make informed decisions is important. Townsend Solutions will help them drive their company forward so that can improve their efficiency, increase their profits and allow them to achieve their organizational goals. The level of detail they provide, and their ability to leverage that granularity will help our members make educated decisions.”

This is a time of evolution for the plastics industry. Regulatory and sustainability driven changes, and growing consumer awareness are already rewriting the plastics demand map in markets like single-use packaging. In today’s business environment value differentiate and relentless innovation are crucial to long-term success. This level of constant, future-focused activity relies heavily upon a deep understanding and sound forecasting, especially when it comes to end-uses/applications where it’s critical to understand what can occur to any influencer of this business, both up and downstream.

“Townsend covers the entire plastics value chain from energy to end-of-life… putting expert framework around everything from disruptive forces to delivered prices.” stated Townsend Solutions President Roberto Ribeiro. “We begin by thinking differently… taking a practical and collaborative approach that leverages data, knowledge and experience alongside boots-on-the-ground market research to provide actionable insights and information at the application level. We call this Townsend Deep. Our clients call it a gamechanger.”

The workforce gap continues to bring challenges to the plastics industry. As manufacturing technology continues to change, workers need a different skillset. The industry is also experiencing a shortage of workers due to baby boomers retiring and not enough trained workers entering the field.

“The plastics industry is facing a critical workforce shortage, an issue that will directly impact development and growth. As a plastics company it’s in our DNA to contribute to cultivating talent and investing in the development and long-term sustainability of our industry. Now more than ever staying current, connected and informed is critical for plastics professionals, partnering with SPE is an obvious pathway to support them.” stated Barb Mitchell, Townsend Solutions Marketing Director.

“Townsend offers an array of training courses on topics ranging from energy and feedstocks to end-use applications.” said Patrick Farrey, SPE’s CEO. “It’s important as a Society to provide our members access to this training. It’s essential in helping them gain new skills as technology changes.”

SPE launched its Preferred Partner Program in late 2018 so that they could bring additional educational and best practice opportunities to members.

“I’m excited about this new program.” stated SPE’s Senior Director, Sales & Advertising Stephanie Clark. “I am looking forward to building it for the benefit our members.”

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About Townsend Solutions

With over 40 years of accumulated knowledge and a wealth of industry experience, Townsend’s reputation is built on providing highly detailed and specific information, keen analysis and insights. Townsend Solutions knowledge base covers the entire plastics value chain, from energy to end-use.

They leverage this to support the full petrochemical value chain including oil/gas companies, midstream service providers, petrochemical companies, logistics companies, traders, distributors, equipment manufacturers, compounders, converters, brand owners, financial companies, regulators and other consultants.

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Source: Society of Plastic Engineers