Webinar: Additive Manufacturing for Tooling and Mold-Making – Real-World Examples from Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH

Webinar: Additive Manufacturing for Tooling and Mold-Making – Real-World Examples from Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH

Join this webinar and learn about the advantages of additive manufacturing in the tooling and molding industry. You’ll hear from Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH, a leading German Tooling company, that has been successfully producing tool inserts and molds and innovating with additive manufacturing for over 60 years.

This webinar will help you understand the:

  • Advantages of additive manufacturing for mold making and tool inserts
  • Ways to use additive manufacturing for producing tools and molds
  • Cost and performance benefits of additive manufacturing for the tooling market
  • Design possibilities to optimize your mold and tools

Additive manufacturing offers unlimited possibilities for tools and molds in the plastic injecting molding and die casting industries because of the capability to build customized and extraordinarily complex cooling channels. Join us and learn more.



  • Stefan Hofmann, Managing Director, Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH
  • Andreas Tulaj, Global Strategic Account Director, GE Additive



Stefan has 15 years’ experience in the molding and tooling world and is the managing director of Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH. He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany. Before returning into the family business, Stefan did a student apprenticeship at the injection molding machine manufacturer Kraus Maffei and a traineeship at the mold maker Haidlmair. At Hofmann Werkzeugbau, he led Research and Development and supported his father as the assistant to the managing director for three years before taking over his current position as the managing director in 2011. Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH is a family business in the third generation that was founded in 1958.

Andreas joined GE Additive in late 2016 through the acquisition of Concept Laser GmbH, headquartered in Lichtenfels Germany. In his currently role, Andreas is responsible for all commercial activities at the Lichtenfels site and is a key link between the local R&D, Engineering and Product Management teams as well as the Global Commercial Organization.

Over the past 22 years, while developing his career at 3D Systems GmbH, Concept Laser GmbH and most recently GE Additive, Andreas has gained vast knowledge and expertise in areas of operational management, commercial sales, laser modality metal printing and key account management. Andreas joined 3D Systems GmbH in 1996 as an application engineer and after two years was promoted to sales director for the Northern European market. In 2008 he joined Concept Laser as a senior sales director. While at Concept Laser GmbH, Andreas was responsible for Sales in Northern Europe, UK and Italy. He also initiated and lead sales in the US, which led to the founding of a US entity named, Concept Laser, Inc. His last role with Concept Laser before the acquisition of GE Additive was as senior sales director.