WITELS-ALBERT GmbH – WIRE 2020 – Less is more

WITELS-ALBERT GmbH – WIRE 2020 – Less is more

The handling, productivity and value retention of components for straightening process materials are of essential importance. The saving of resources and aspects of the sustainability and flexibility of products influence the economic efficiency during the life phase and will decide in the future on the
use of the products.

With this in background, the technical design of straighteners and straightening systems, their manufacture in well-adjusted quantities and the exploitation of the technical possibilities of the straightening process are important influencing factors which offer scope for creative reflection and further improvement of the understanding of the process.

As a manufacturer of components, WITELS-ALBERT GmbH is committed to this environment and presents a revolutionary new concept for the design, manufacture and use of straighteners and straightening systems with the introduction of the SM series of straightening modules.

Inspired by the very popular toy bricks from our northern neighbour Denmark, which have been part of a cleverly designed modular system for generations, WITELS-ALBERT GmbH transfers the basic idea of discretization to the design, manufacture and use of straighteners and straightening systems.

The bricks of the straighteners and straightening systems of the future are the new straightening modules of the SM series, which are optimized in every detail. The optimization is accompanied by the project planning, the design and concerns in particular the production of the module bodies by
modern CNC machines without personnel employment as well as the assembly of the straightening modules, straighteners and straightening systems in short time. The calculation results of the project planning determine binding specifications for the designs that focus on simplicity and minimization of the number of individual parts. That is why SM series straightening modules represent the essence of the product straightener. They are reduced to the absolute minimum, just like the worldfamous toy bricks from Denmark.

The majority of famous designers follow the design concept of simplicity. The results of our efforts over the months are simple as well, nevertheless offering an impressive variety and great possibilities.

• Just one type of module per size is used for a straightener or a straightening system.

• Manless and fast mass production of straightening modules ensure a good availability and price for customers.

• Simple and fast assembly of straightening modules and straightening modules to straighteners and straightening systems.

• Enlarged straightening ranges (min. and max. process material diameter) with smallest possible roller spacing.

• Optimization/extension of straightening ranges (min. and max. process material diameter) by meansof easily adjustable roller spacing or ex works adjustable roller spacing, e.g. for processing specific profiles or tubes.

• High flexibility with regard to the number of rollers per plane.

• Sale of straightening modules with or without basic and cover bars.

• Client-side design of specific base and cover bars for specific applications.

• Scalable design for straighteners and straightening systems in terms of roller spacing and number of rollers.

• Compatible accessories for straightening modules for ensuring straightening processes in up to 4 straightening planes per straightening system including inlet and outlet guide blocks.

Using straightening modules SM series powers the generation of value-add. It gives freedom for customer innovations, as other configurations can be created by using the possibilities the straightening modules offer and by adding accessories and peripheral equipment. At lower cost our customers
have the freedom to influence the production design and to be more agile. Less is more


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