Daily Archives: 03/12/2018

Arburg at Interplastica 2019: Expertise in multi-component injection moulding

Pioneer: Arburg has extensive expertise in multi-component injection moulding Hard/soft combination: A two-component Allrounder produces ice scrapers from ABS and TPE Arburg successfully represented in Russia   Lossburg, 29/11/2018 Arburg will be presenting a complex application for multi-component injection moulding at Interplastica 2019 in Moscow (Russia) from 29 January to 1 February: A hydraulic two-component […]

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GMTN 2019: Markets for Steel and Aluminium Scrap

Metals, predominantly steel and aluminium are the number one enablers in an ecological recycling economy thanks to their multi-recycling characteristics. The period of time after which disused steel and aluminium products return to the material cycle varies widely. A beverage can is only in circulation for a few weeks, a car sometimes lasts twenty years […]

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