Daily Archives: 03/12/2021

Interview with Dr. Markus Steilemann, CEO of Covestro AG -“We need renewable raw materials”

Mr. Steilemann, your company has made it its goal to completely replace crude oil as a raw material in the future. How do you intend to achieve this? We are determined to fully gear Covestro towards the circular economy, which in particular means to keep the element carbon within the loop and no longer release […]

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hotset – Ceramic sprinter for high-tech solutions

hotset introduces its compact AlN heater for high-speed medium temperature control  The thermodynamics specialist hotset is expanding its range of heating elements with the new Hi-Watty Light aluminum nitride heater, an exceptionally powerful premium product. Designed for high-speed heating and cooling of gases and liquids, this compact ceramic heater is the perfect solution for sophisticated […]

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